Информация о ЗАО "НПО "Эшелон" просочилась в немецкую прессу

(Berlin) The certification company "Echelon" has given Saperion the stamp of approval as conforming to the legal requirements relating to data security.

The Russian Federations legislation sets standards for "protection against unlawful access to data and information". As a certified document management system,  Saperion meets all these standards.

The Solution has been adapted to meet specific market needs, together with the Electronic Archive Corp. (ELAR). Saperion is the first Document Management System to be given high security clearance in electronic archiving and the secure and automated transfer of sensitive data and documents. Such clearance is necessary for any system which is to be used by the Russian government. The standards are set by the Federal Technology and Export Control Agency (FSTEK). The certificate is recognised by the Russian Federal Security Service, covering data and documents up to classification level 1G, a clear indication of how high the requirements are!

By 2011, the newly certified Saperion Solution will become a central component in  the Governments development and modernisation program for the Russian Court system. The ELAR-Saperion Solution is already being used successfully at Moscow's Arbitration Court as a pilot project.

Источник: www.saperion.de/ 


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