Static code analyzer AppСhecker


Product benefits:

  • over 100 types of coding defects are supported. Signature database is constantly updated;
  • CWE classification is fully supported;
  • signatures are formed according to different standards and recommendations for secure coding by OWASP, CERT, NIST, and others;
  • thin client technology allows to carry out collaborative code audits by several experts.


  • search for coding defects using a constantly updated database of signatures;
  • search for hidden malicious functionality;
  • program code analysis for C#, C/C ++, Java, PHP source code.

Supported specifications programming languages:

  • ANSI C/C90/С99/C11;
  • C++98/C++2003/С++11/С++14;
  • Java 6/7/8 Language Specification;
  • PHP 4/5;
  • C# 5.0.


  • NIST SP 800-53;
  • PCI DSS.

CWE identifiers, included in the product